Dungeons & Janitors: BAFTA
7 Person team: 2 Programmers

2 Month Work
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About The Game

    My Role
    --Gameplay Mechanics creation.
    --Trap Creation/ Enemy Behaviour.
    --Player Behaviour.
    I was one of two programmers assigned to this project. My key role was the creation of the games various traps and interactable objects.
    Alongside this I would work closely with the other programmer on the team, to assemble the games levels, player movement and interactions,
    scene transitions and build creation. Along with source control via Github and code itteration.

    About the Project
    Created in Unity Game Engine.
    Coded in c#
    University Project: undertaken during Masters Course.

    Dungeons & Janitors is a top down 2D Dungeon exploration game, where you play as a Janitor cleaning up dungeons after pesky adventurers. Dash, mop and clean your way through traps, monsters and fallen adventurers as you re-set the dungeon as fast as you can in this fun, fast paced speed run dungeon adventure! I was one of two programmers that worked on this game as part of my Masters course at Abertay University. This project was part of BAFTA; as a prize for one of the participants, they won the opportunity to see their game design idea realized as a game, I was part of the team that took on this challenge.