MEGACORP/Dare To be Digital.
4 person team: 2 programmers.
3 Month Work

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About the Game

    My Role
    --UI Programmer
    --Game Designer
    -------Narrative Design
    -------Mechanics Design

    Although production on MEGACORP was cancelled, we were able to demonstrate the game Trailer at Dare To be Digital and 2016.
    This gave me the oppertunity to demonstrate a game to the public and gain skills in public speaking and showcase a potential product to the public.

    About the project
    Created in Unity Game Engine.
    Coded in C#
    Side Project: undertaken in hopes of showing at Dare To be Digital.

    MEGACORP was a RTS project that was being developed by a small indie team I was part of called Cybernaut Games. The team was formed with myself and a few members from our 3rd year group project at Abertay. The game was focused around owning and controlling a Mega Corporation in a cyberpunk dystopian future, where you fight for control over the planet through hostile take-over, sky networks and scientific superiority. My key roles as part of Cybernaut Games was gameplay designer and a programmer. It was my job to help come up with cool, interesting ideas and concepts for the game and how they would be designed and implemented into game. Alongside this I was co-programmer for the game, I was tasked with programming the aforementioned design ideas and gameplay mechanics into the build and making sure they were implemented correctly and efficiently. We were able to show off our concept for the game at Dare To be Digital 2016, where we showed the public a small teaser trailer and screenshots of the game. Unfortunately due to university commitments and lack of time, the project was cancelled and the team went their separate ways. However I learned a great amount from this project, such as time management, a better understanding of source control and what to look out for in the future when developing an indie game.