7 Person team: 2 Programmers

10 Month Work
Client: NCR Corporation.

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About The Game

    My Role
    --Gameplay Mechanics Programmer.
    --Mini-Game Behaviour/ Functionality.
    --UI Programmer
    Team Lead
    -------Client Interactions.
    -------Team Coordination.
    -------Team Organization.
    For this project I was both Team lead and Co-Programmer. My role mainly consisted of working with the other programmer on the team with the implementation
    of the games mechanics, balancing, UI interactions and mini-game creation.

    About the Project
    Created in Unity Game Engine.
    Coded in C#.

    8Click Studios is an independent game development team made for the creation of the game "ON$LAUGHT" for NCR Corporation. All team members including myself were involved in the planning and design of the game; however, my main role was Team leader and Co- Programmer. As team lead it was my responsibility for managing the team and making sure all the work was done on time for submission and the team worked well with each other. It was also my responsibility to arrange meetings with our client and mentor for the project. As Co-Programmer it was my responsibility to design and implement the various game mechanics into the game. Alongside this i was tasks with fixing various bugs that would appear and ensuring the code was well structured and managed. This project was a huge success, we managed to reach our clients expectations and beyond. Due to this our project was selected to be demonstrated at Dare to be Digital 2016 as part of the show case. We were able to show our game to the public and received fantastic feedback and praise from our fellow students, both young and older members of the public and various Dare attendees.