Terminal Transmission
5 Person team: 2 Programmers

48 Hours

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About The Game

    My Role
    --Gameplay Mechanics Creation.
    --Game Design/ Mechanics Design.
    For this small GameJam project, my key roles were the inital creation of the games main mechanic.
    Which is clicking on an object to start it's "infection", checking what objects it is next to and "infecting" them to cause
    a chain reaction in the hopes of infecting the entire levels organic and technological objects.

    About the Project
    Created In Unity Game Engine.
    Coded in C#
    Side Project: Undertaken during the 2018 Global GameJam.

    As part of the Global Game Jam 2018, I took part as a programmer and game designer in a small team of fellow Abertay Master's Students to create a small Puzzle game based around the theme of "Transmission". We created a small game called "Terminal Transmission" where the goal is to infect a building complex with a "techno-organic virus" by transmitting it either to a piece of technology or a human. Once you do this the virus will chain-infect anything close by to the infected object. The goal is to time your initial infection so you can infect the largest number of objects possible.

    Play the Game Jam version of the project: B!O-HACKERS